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Apply Online (Available Jan. – Mar.) (Access Code is MIRA)

For questions on the scholarship program, including eligibility requirements or to find out if a particular business is a member of Michigan Retailers, contact MRA at 800.366.3699 or

For questions regarding the online scholarship application, including login difficulties or trouble uploading documents, contact International Scholarship and Tuition Services’ customer care line at 855.670.4787.

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Michigan Retailers Foundation, established in 1968, provides college scholarships annually to benefit retailers and their employees and families. The foundation is a nonprofit educational organization established by MRA. Donations are tax deductible.

MRA’s college scholarship competition begins in January each year. Applications are due by April 1. To be eligible, the student applicant or a parent or guardian must work at a business that is a member of MRA. High school seniors and college freshmen, sophomores and juniors may apply.

Awards are $1,000 for public or private college students and $500 for community college or training institute students. Financial need is not a consideration.

scholarships Links to a Legacy
The Foundation's ongoing "Links to a Legacy" fundraising campaign provides MRA members with the opportunity to establish a living legacy for themselves through regular contributions to the scholarship program. Contributors who donate or pledge at least $10,000 over their lifetime can have a permanent scholarship established in their name or in honor of a parent, company or other designee.

The goal of the fundraising is to continue to increase the number and size of annual scholarships awarded to MRA members, their employees and families, while providing recognition to contributors who give back to their industry.

The list of contribution and recognition levels, along with contributors, is available at the Foundation Contributors page.

For information on how to contribute, contact MRA at:
800.366.3699, 517.372.5656 or

Previous Scholarship Recipients
We want to know what you’re doing. Please tell us where you are working or attending school and how we can reach you, so that together we can build an incredible network of talented MRA scholarship winners. Think of the possibilities!

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