Main Street Fairness


Jul 18 - Dr. Art Laffer: E-Fairness is a Pro-Growth Solution
LANSING – Small business owners in Michigan today welcomed a groundbreaking new study...

Feb 6 - Time to act on Main Street Fairness legislation
LANSING - Michigan Retailers Association (MRA) commended legislators for today’s int..

Jan 30 - MRA applauds House Republicans’ stand on Main Street Fairness, Electric Choice legislation
LANSING —Michigan Retailers Association (MRA) today applauded the House Republican Action ..



Jul 16 - Michigan Retailers calls on state treasurer to send sales tax bill to Amazon
LANSING – The Michigan Retailers Association (MRA) today called on State Treasurer...

Jul 11 - Michigan Small Business Owners Renew Calls for E-Fairness as Amazon Prepares to Open Second Michigan Subsidiary
LANSING, MI – As Amazon prepares to open a second subsidiary business in Michigan...

May 14 - New Report Finds Michigan Falling Behind Other States on Internet Sales Tax Collection
LANSING – Public Sector Consultants (PSC) today released an update to its landmark 2011 report...

May 11 - Michigan Small Business Owners Applaud Gov. Snyder's Call For Main Street Fairness
LANSING – Small businesses across Michigan today applauded Governor Rick Snyder for his commitment...

The Reinvention Agenda: A Sale is a Sale (PDF 209 KB)

Top Ten Reasons to Stand with Main Street and Main Street Fairness States to Date (PDF 971 KB)

Sales Tax Collection Myth/Fact (PDF 324 KB)

Sales Tax Loophole Puts Michigan Businesses at Risk (PDF 213 KB)

What Opinion Leaders Across Michigan are Saying About Main Street Fairness (PDF 389 KB)

Chamber and Business Organizations Supporting Michigan's Main Street Fairness Initiative (PDF 492 KB)

Michigan Main Street Leadership Council in the News (PDF 434 KB)

Jan 26 - Small Business Owners Slammed by Sales Tax Loophole
LANSING — Job makers and small business owners across the state today announced the...

Jan 17 - Michigan Grocers Association, Agri-Business Association Join Job Makers Across the State in 2012 Call for Main Street Fairness
LANSING — With Michigan lawmakers returning to Lansing this week and Governor Snyder set...

Oct 13 - House Tax Policy Committee Considers Bi-Partisan Michigan Main Street Fairness Act to Protect Michigan Job Makers, Close Tax Loophole
LANSING — The House Tax Policy Committee today heard testimony from local Michigan small business owners...

Sep 20 - State Representatives Eileen Kowall and Jim Ananich stood with MRA President and CEO James P. Hallan and small business owners from across Michigan to introduce the Michigan Main Street Fairness Act
LANSING — State Representatives Eileen Kowall and Jim Ananich today stood with over a dozen...

Sep 15 — MRA President and CEO James P. Hallan reacts to a new study showing a loophole in the state's tax law costs local businesses more than 1,600 jobs and as much as $126 million a year in lost sales
LANSING — James P. Hallan, President and CEO of the Michigan Retailers Association, today...

Sep 15 - A new report examining the effect on the state's economy of a loophole enabling out-of-state online merchants to avoid collecting Michigan sales taxes finds significant damage to the state's economy and retail industry
LANSING — Public Sector Consultants released a report today examining the effect on the state...

July 2011 White Paper - Michigan Sales Tax Collection and the Internet: A Need for Fairness
(PDF 295 KB)

Main Street Fairness

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