Accept Credit Cards in Your Online Store

Accept Credit Cards in Your Online Store

MRA has partnered with Authorize.Net to provide members with an Internet credit card solution -- a "virtual terminal" that allows customers make credit card purchases from your e-commerce site. You can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards online through MRA’s program.

Q: How does online credit card processing work?
A: Authorize.Net is a "payment gateway" that connects your website to the credit card authorization system. Authorize.Net takes information from your online shopping cart and processes it through the system to get an approval code, using a secure connection to protect all data.

The merchant then receives an e-mail giving the information about the purchase so that the merchandise can be shipped. Once the merchandise is ready for shipping, the merchant must go to the Authorize.Net website and "release" the transaction so the customer is billed and the merchant is paid for the transaction. MRA will set you up with an Internet merchant account (separate from your regular credit card processing account) to handle online transactions. You’ll pay MRA’s competitive processing rates plus a small surcharge for online processing.

Q: Will Authorize.Net work with my current web shopping cart?
A. The Authorize.Net payment gateway solution is compatible with most online shopping cart programs.

Q: Can I process online transactions through MRA even if I don’t use Authorize.Net?
A: If you currently use a payment gateway service other than Authorize.Net, you may still take advantage of MRA's low Internet credit card processing rates.

Q: What is the cost for online processing?
A: MRA / Authorize.Net rates:
1. One-time program setup fee $150
2. Monthly access fee $15
3. Per-transaction fee $0.10

Your base rate for credit card processing will vary. Contact MRA for rates that apply to your business.

Q: How do I begin accepting credit cards online?
A: When you are ready to accept credit cards from your web store, contact Michigan Retailers Association to establish your Internet merchant account. This process can take a couple of weeks, so get started early to avoid a delay in your e-commerce rollout.

To set up your account, MRA will ask you to provide detailed information about your business, such as transaction volume and average ticket. Once approved, your account will be established with Authorize.Net, allowing you to accept credit card payments through your website. For more information on signing up for online credit card processing, contact your regional marketing representative.


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