Transaction Central

Transaction Central

Transaction Central is Michigan Retailers’ web-based, centralized payment processing engine that serves as “a virtual terminal.” It allows you to use the Internet do everything you can on a conventional POS system and process almost any type of transaction in almost any way imaginable.

You can use Transaction Central in multiple ways:

Virtual Terminal
Real-time, secure credit card transactions with Address Verification Service. Transactions are auto-settled.

Payment Gateway
Connect to a shopping cart or other Internet-based interface or custom integration to obtain secure authorizations. Transactions are auto-settled.

Batch Upload
Transmit a full batch of transactions with automated response and return files via online, FTP or e-mail.

ACH Processing
Electronic Fund Transfer removes the needs to process paper checks.

Recurring Billing
You can set up recurring billing for automated processing of credit or ACH transactions.

Back Office Integration                 
Customizable integration with back office functions to create a seamless transaction flow.

Transaction Central

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