Loss Prevention

MRA’s series of Loss Prevention booklets deals with issues that impact your bottom line: shoplifting and employee theft, bad checks, credit card fraud, counterfeit currency and returns and layaways.

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MRA's loss prevention publications are designed to help you incorporate effective practices and government guidelines into your daily operations. Government's increased role in the affairs of your business, through new and complex laws and regulations, requires an ongoing effort to stay informed of changes.These booklets reflect the latest changes to Michigan's laws, changes advocated by the Michigan Retailers Association to help retail businesses MRA makes single copies of these booklets available to members at no cost. Additional booklets are priced at $3.00 each (includes shipping and handling).

To purchase contact MRA's Laura Schilling at 800.366.3699 or . You will be invoiced for the purchase or you may pay by credit card over the phone.

mra shoplifting bookletHow to Prevent Shoplifting and Employee Theft (3rd Edition) will help you spot shoplifters and dishonest employees, develop effective policies to prevent retail theft and guide you through the steps necessary to recover the costs of stolen merchandise from shoplifters.

mra bad check bookletHow to Prevent Bad-Check Losses (4th Edition) will assist you in developing an effective check-acceptance policy and guide you through the steps necessary to collect on returned checks.

mra credit card bookletHow to Prevent Credit Card Fraud (1st Edition) will help you identify fraudulent cards and transactions and avoid chargebacks, especially on remote sales.


mra counterfeit currency booklet How to Detect Counterfeit Currency (1st Edition) will show you how to tell the difference between genuine and counterfeit currency and how to handle suspected counterfeit cash.

mra layaway bookletHow to Prevent Return and Layaway Losses (1st Edition) will help you develop layaway and refund policies that meet legal guidelines, promote a healthy bottom line and provide customer satisfaction.

Loss Prevention

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