MRA News Releases

Mar 26 - Retail sales and forecasts improve, but still cool26-Mar-2014

LANSING – Sales and short-term forecasts for Michigan retail businesses improved during Fe..

Feb 27 - Governor adds momentum to Main St. Fairness27-Feb-2014

LANSING – Michigan’s retail industry applauded Governor Rick Snyder today for his su..

Feb 26 - Retailers’ 2014 forecasts turn chilly26-Feb-2014

LANSING – Michigan retail businesses project only a 1.4 percent increase in their own sale..

Jan 30 - Michigan Retailers Association offering more than 30 college scholarships30-Jan-2014

LANSING —Michigan Retailers Association is offering more than 30 college scholarships this..

Jan 24 - Retailers report weak holiday sales24-Jan-2014

LANSING – Hurt by damaging winter storms and outdated government policies that favor out-o..


MRA News Releases

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