Smartphone Credit Card Processing

Now you can process credit card transactions with your iPhone, using the PayFox cardreader and payment gateway from Michigan Retailers Association.

It’s just the solution for processing sales when you’re selling remotely, not near a conventional terminal or simply want to speed transactions for customers waiting in line. It saves time, reduces errors and allows for faster and more secure transactions.

The cardreader enables you or your customer to swipe the card, ensuring you get the lowest transaction rate on every sale. No longer do you have to manually type in credit card numbers or gather the information for processing “back at the office” at a later time.

Simply swipe the card using the cardreader that attaches easily to your phone, then enjoy the ease of the PayFox payment gateway that eliminates the need for a POS terminal.
After swiping the card:
• Press the “signature” icon in the PayFox application
• Customer signs directly on the screen
• Press the “Charge It” icon to complete the transaction
• PayFox requests location information for the customer receipt, and
• The transaction is complete!

The payment gateway on your iPhone has all the features and security of a POS terminal.

Contact MRA's Darcy Gates at or 800.366.3699 ext. 374 for complete information and a demonstration of how Smartphone credit card processing can make your life easier and your business more profitable.

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