Month: April 2016

Gov’t Affairs News – property taxes, plastic bags, 9-1-1 regulations, and more

Tax Tribunal changes could have big impact

Legislation introduced on April 19 as HB 5578 could have a big impact on commercial property taxes and tax appeals. Authored by the “Dark Stores” workgroup leader and vice-chairman of the House Tax Policy Committee,

In the blink of an eye, thieves can steal your customers’ data

Recent news reports and the accompanying CCTV video show how quick and easy it is for thieves to install a skimming device – built into a skin that snaps over your credit card terminal – and steal your customers’ data.

Year of BIG change in credit card processing

2015 is the year of big change in the credit card processing world…

Bigger than the introduction of the magnetic stripe on cards way back in the late 1970s and early 80s…

Bigger even than Y2K and the need to upgrade terminals because cards were issued with year 2000 expiration dates.