Month: March 2022

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MRA President and CEO William J.Hallan

Every Monday, the Michigan Retailers Association management team meets to collectively review all our corporate activities and prioritize our work for the upcoming week. It’s a great opportunity to get everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction.

MRA reports February sales bounce-back from stagnant January

Feb Current

Retailers report a sales rebound after a slow start to 2022

Michigan Retailers Association today reports February 2022 sales rise over a slow January.

Monthly sales rise
The February Retail Index survey came in at 74.1,

North Coast Landscaping’s Blake Tuttle shares his 2022 business outlook

North Coast Landscaping finished work

After working part-time for minimum wage at a local restaurant, Blake Tuttle did the math: work for an hour for minimum wage, or cut grass for an hour and make at least triple that.