Our Mission

What We Do

Founded in 1940, the Michigan Retailers Association (MRA) represents more than 5,000 businesses and their 15,000 stores and websites. As the voice of Michigan’s retail industry, the association works to promote retail-friendly policies, protect the retail industry from harmful taxes and regulations and educating consumers on the importance of keeping their money in the Mitten.

Key accomplishments during MRA’s more than 75-year history include:

  • Enacted Main Street Fairness legislation to help level the playing field for Michigan retail businesses
  • Modernized the state’s costly and burdensome item pricing law by giving retailers price marking flexibility and saving retailers and consumers money
  • Pre-empted local governments from passing ordinances and policies dealing with employee wages and benefits
  • Pro-retail changes in sales tax collection
  • Corrected unemployment compensation formula by making it more experience rated so retailers  were not subsidizing other industries
  • Helped lead a business coalition which tightened the definition of “disability” for workers’ compensation to ensure that benefits paid related to workplace injuries
  • Phased out the Single Business Tax and replaced the Michigan Business Tax with a more  business-friendly corporate profits tax
  • Strengthened bad-check and retail-theft protections
  • Reformed regulations on installment sales and consumer credit

President's Message

The insight that “The Only Constant Is Change” has become a staple of our annual boardroom review of the year just ended. Author Isaac Asimov’s quote appears in each year-end PowerPoint because it captures so cleverly the essence of our dynamic, technology-driven world.

At the Michigan Retailers Association, we work hard to make change work for members. As an example, this year retailers across Michigan faced the biggest industry change in decades with the rollout higher-security EMV/chip cards. MRA mobilized staff and suppliers to provide members with the knowledge and updated equipment necessary to meet new requirements.

This year marked the 75th anniversary of the Michigan Retailers Association as a trusted resource for thousands of businesses, retail and non-retail alike. We look forward to serving our members—helping them grow, learn and adapt to change—for years to come.

James P. Hallan
President and Chief Executive Officer