Gov’t Affairs News: income tax repeal, budget, appointments and more

House committee quickly reports income tax repeal

After only one committee hearing, the House Tax Policy Committee reported HB 4001 – a bill to repeal the state’s income tax over 40 years.

Payment gateway solutions protect against data breach

John Mayleben, CPP, is a consultant to Michigan Retailers Association and is MRA’s retired senior vice president technology and new product development. He is a national expert on electronic payment processing and was the first person in Michigan and among the first in the nation to receive the Certified Payments Professional (CPP) designation from the national Electronic Transactions Association.

Workers’ compensation – does my business need it?

by William J. Hallan, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

Congratulations! Your start-up business is growing and you’re considering expanding your workforce beyond yourself.

Gov’t Affairs News: personal income tax, “Tobacco 21,” and more

Possible income tax cut or repeal at top of House priorities

The new 99th legislature is more conservative than the previous one, a fact evident in some of the top priorities already identified.

Gov’t Affairs News: Governor delivers upbeat State of the State address

Governor delivers upbeat State of the State address

Governor Rick Snyder delivered his seventh State of the State address last night and focused largely on the improvements made since 2010.

Cutting your way through state government red tape

People often think only about legislation when they hear the term “government affairs,” but MRA also works with various state departments and agencies to get answers for members.

Have an issue with a liquor license or a food safety inspection?

Gov’t Affairs News: “Tame duck” ends on an electric note

Tame lame-duck session ends

The 98th Michigan Legislature wrapped up its lame-duck session at a reasonable time yesterday evening, just after 7:00 p.m., after finally pinning down an elusive energy deal.

RIC: Extending protection against tomorrow’s world

In these times, employers’ risks and exposures are constantly expanding.

That’s why, as Michigan’s preferred workers’ compensation insurance carrier, Retailers Insurance Company is always looking for ways to extend coverages and reward policyholders for being proactive in protecting their employees.

Membership Services Corner

by Ally Nemetz, Director, Customer Service and Data Administration

Quick notes on key services. Call 800.563.5981 for credit card processing assistance or 800.366.3699 for other matters.