2014 Election Results: November 6, 2014

Voters agree Gov. Snyder earned four more years

Few experts imagined the governor’s race would be among the earlier calls of the night, but news outlets began projecting Republican Gov.

Governmental Affairs: Friday, September 26, 2014

House Tourism hears Buy Nearby update

The House Tourism Committee welcomed MRA on September 18 for an update of our statewide Buy Nearby campaign. Committee members heard about the success of last year’s Get Caught Blue-Handed Day,

Governmental Affairs: Friday, September 12, 2014

Legislators return for fall session

Legislators returned to Lansing this week for several weeks of fall session after a two-month summer break. Lawmakers did some work over the summer during three session days,

Are you ready for new world of Apple Pay?

Apple’s much-anticipated announcements of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and the Apple Watch rekindled enthusiasm for the company’s game-changing technology – or at least its marketing. Much of the public attention was focused on the long-rumored and soon-to-be-here wristband device.

Planning for success

Plan ahead to create a smooth transition to new owners to ensure a positive future for your business, especially when passing it down to children or other family members.

A well-laid succession plan will minimize family conflict and position your business to weather the transition successfully.

How to improve store lighting

Light is a powerful tool for attracting customers to your store. A few key principles can help you use it effectively.

  • Focus on increasing the light on the merchandise,

Put your processing data to work for you

Until recently, the fees associated with your merchant processing account were a cost of doing business.

Most retail businesses in the U.S. today view the fees charged by their merchant processor as a “necessary evil” as more consumers migrate their transactions from cash and check to various cards– rewards,

Playing music in your store

According to federal copyright law, you must obtain permission for the right to play copyrighted music. This applies to businesses which use live music, as well as those that use recorded music played over a radio,

Governmental Affairs: Friday, June 20, 2014

Session’s out for summer

Lawmakers wrapped up a whirlwind spring session last week after they approved budgets, but the legislature failed to take any decisive action on transportation funding. None is expected before fall.

Governmental Affairs: Friday, June 6, 2014

Session winding up before it winds down

The Capitol has become a pressure cooker as lawmakers hurry to complete the budget, transportation funding and other big pending legislation before the summer break.