Gov’t Affairs News: use tax responsibility and restocking of popular beer/wine

Despite the snow and ice, it’s spring in Michigan

This update covers the tail end of the March session prior to the legislature’s two-week spring break and legislators’ first week back in regular session.

Price gouging and drug price transparency

House committee tackles drug pricing

The House Health Policy Committee started work on legislation that would require drug manufacturers to file an annual report detailing their expenses related to producing drugs that cost $10,000 or more for an annual course of treatment.

Gov’t Affairs News: November ballot could be crowded

November ballot could see many proposals that impact retailers

While it’s still early in the year, MRA has been keeping a close eye on several proposed ballot proposals including two that would raise Michigan’s minimum wage to $12 an hour and mandate paid leave policies.

Gov’t Affairs News: Drone discussions take off

Governor gives legislature two victories, budget season begins

Legislators scored a major victory last week as the Gov. Snyder agreed to forgive $637.1 million in outstanding driver responsibility fees and raise the personal income tax exemption to $4,900 by 2021.

Gov’t Affairs News: State shines a spotlight on recycling

Gov. Snyder’s last state of the state: jobs, civility and recycling

Late last month Gov. Rick Snyder gave his eighth and final State of the State address. He took the opportunity to recap all the progress Michigan has made in the past seven years and to share the items still on his to-do list before he leaves office.

Gov’t Affairs News: Court could address online sales tax collection

Welcome back and welcome grocers!

Legislators are back and wasted no time getting back up to speed. The House and Senate returned on Jan. 11 and have been busy working on tax relief for citizens.

Gov’t Affairs News: Lawmakers head home for the holidays

Happy Holidays

The legislature adjourned this week for the year and will not return until Wednesday, Jan. 10. Accordingly, our government affairs updates will be put on hold until after the holidays.

Gov’t Affairs News: Federal tax reform steals the show

All eyes on Washington

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen more action at the federal level on tax reform than on issues retailers are following in Michigan. Shocking, I know.

Gov’t Affairs News: Hurry up, it’s time for vacation

Legislature takes quick break before year-end push

The legislature made sure to rush through a list of items the last two weeks before heading out on its two-week “hunting break” that falls each year between Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving.

Gov’t Affairs News: Local food tax victory, data security and more

Gov. signs bill preventing local food taxes

MRA is thrilled to share that Gov. Snyder signed HB 4999, the food tax preemption bill into law on Thursday,