Sales & Service

Questions to ask in a customer survey

A good customer survey includes three types of questions:

  1. Demographic data, such as gender, age group, geographical location and income level.This tells you what kinds of people shop at your store and what concerns various groups have.

Rewarding local customers

Many stores offer “customer loyalty” cards that mirror airline frequent flyer miles. The more money they spend in the store, the closer they work toward some item or amount of in-store credit.

Working with customers who are “just looking”

Research shows that only about 20 percent of shoppers will tell you what they’re looking for right away, according to Richard Fenton, of Accelerated Performance Training, a professional speaker and trainer specializing in the retail industry.

Working better with vendors

The following advice on working with vendors comes from Bob Negen of Whizbang Training in Grand Haven.
Now is a great time to work hard at creating close and personal relationships with your vendors.

Handling cranky customers

Cranky customers are an inevitable part of doing business with the public. Knowing how to handle these customers can help you save time and energy and spare yourself personal upset.

Technology alters skills of young workers

One of the side effects of recent advances in communication technology is the diminished ability of Gen Y (21-34 years old) and Gen Z (12-20 years) to effectively communicate face to face with the Baby Boom generation.

What to know about increasing store hours

An Arthur Andersen study showed that most small stores are open about 50 hours a week, with 10 of those hours outside the 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. window.

With the rise in two-income and single-parent households,

License required to start a retail business

In order to sell products, a state sales tax license is required. According to state law, individuals or businesses who sell tangible personal property to the final consumer need a sales tax license.

Simple ways to improve store layout

A good store layout is a powerful tool in retail, with several aspects to consider.

One area that can often use improvement is the sales counter. Doug Fleener,