Avoid fines in a data breach: Be sure you’re PCI Compliant


Are you ready?

Over the years, the efforts around data security have moved from understanding how to tear the carbon paper on the sales draft in half without getting your fingers dirty to making sure your systems (both physical and digital) are built in such a way to protect your customer’s data from the bad guys.

Michigan is a top state for slip-and-fall accidents; here are prevention tips

Now that winter is upon us, ask yourself: As an employer, am I being proactive enough when it comes to preventing slip and fall injuries?

Obviously those types of injuries go up with the advent of ice,

Renewing your group health plan in January? Take advantage of MRA’s Private Insurance Exchange

The MRA Private Insurance Exchange not only gives you a venue where you can select the best plans to offer your employees, it provides benefit management technology that is usually available only to large employers.

Election 2018: Michigan Retailers Association endorses Schuette

The Michigan Retailers Association Board of Directors is endorsing Republican Bill Schuette for Governor of Michigan.

“Bill Schuette has shown throughout the years that he supports retailers in their quest to build successful businesses and add jobs to Michigan’s economy,” said James P.

Credit card declined: The 3 most unpopular words for retailer and customer


When “credit card declined” pops up during a transaction, what do you do?

There are many reasons a card will fail to get a successful approval code.

Workplace violence: Businesses are responsible for safe environment

MRA Executive Vice President, COO and General Counsel

If you haven’t been by Michigan Retailer Association “world headquarters” in Lansing,

January sales slump, but see why we expect big sales in 2018

LANSING – Cold weather and the holiday hangover account for a dip in Michigan retail sales in January, on the heels of a positive holiday sales season, according to the latest Michigan Retail Index,