Credit card declined: The 3 most unpopular words for retailer and customer


When “credit card declined” pops up during a transaction, what do you do?

There are many reasons a card will fail to get a successful approval code.

Workplace violence: Businesses are responsible for safe environment

By William J. Hallan, MRA Executive Vice President, COO and General Counsel

If you haven’t been by Michigan Retailer Association “world headquarters” in Lansing, you should.

January sales slump, but see why we expect big sales in 2018

LANSING – Cold weather and the holiday hangover account for a dip in Michigan retail sales in January, on the heels of a positive holiday sales season, according to the latest Michigan Retail Index,

Alert: You may have to meet Dec. 1 OSHA filing deadline

Because of government postponements, a change in presidential administrations and a lack of publicity, there has been much confusion about when and who needs to meet OSHA’s new requirement for electronically filing worker injury and illness data by Dec.

Gov’t Affairs News: Welcome back, fall session begins

Welcome back!

Legislators returned from summer break this week and session will continue into mid-late December. The legislature will take its normal 2-week hunting break over the Thanksgiving holiday. All indications point to the fall session being fairly light.

What’s Happening In…Hardware

Ace Hardware came out on top of a survey of 7,800+ consumers who were asked about their favorite place for home improvement shopping. Market Force Information asked participants to rate their satisfaction with last experience with a home improvement store,

Goldman Sachs ‘mini-MBA’ program helps businesses leap to next level

Summer Schriner, owner of Grace Boutique in Lansing’s Old Town, recalls feeling insecure as she walked into her first session of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program a year ago.

Gov’t Affairs News: gas station skimmers, drone task force and more

Gas station credit card skimmer legislation reintroduced

Legislation to require certain security measures to combat credit card skimmers on motor fuel pumps was introduced as SB 228 on March 9.