5 Tips: Recruiting

Retailers are looking for employees who can help create gratifying experiences for customers. In a tight labor market, how do you find them?

1. Never stop
Don’t wait until you need to start looking for your next hire. To avoid starting from scratch, constantly recruit.

2. Stay in touch
Keep your eye out for great servers, somebody who impresses you at church, or your friend’s good kid. Stay in touch with them for that time you have an opening.

3. Toot your horn
Convey to potential employees how your store provides a better culture and work environment than others.

4. Network like crazy
Always have your business card and give it out to those who impress you. Say, “Hey, I hope you’re happy where you are, but if you’re ever looking…”

5. Invest in your best
Finally, consistently show your best employees how much you appreciate their sales savvy. Invest in their training. Retention is the best policy!

Some tips provided by: Bob Negen, WhizBangTraining.com