Helpful tips for our credit card processing customers

If you do your payment processing through Michigan Retailers, here are some helpful updates:

Now is the time to verify your 2019 processing form 1099K for accuracy. Contact customer service if you require changes.

Purchase Return Authorization is mandated for all processing devices. This will allow credit card refunds to obtain an authorization, and reflect as a pending transaction on the cardholder’s account.

Are you enrolled in the Visa/Mastercard Class Action Settlement? There’s still time to enroll! Please visit, or contact Customer Service at 800.563.5981 to obtain the enrollment form.

You cannot impose a minimum transaction amount or a surcharge amount on Debit, Prepaid or Gift Card transactions.

Partial Authorization may be enabled on your terminal. If the credit card receipt displays “Amount Due” you must collect the remaining balance by another form of payment.

You must settle the credit card terminal daily and before unplugging it.

If you receive a “Re-Enter or Lost Communication” response when processing a transaction, call customer service at 800.563.5981 so we can verify the transaction before you continue to process.

If you currently utilize a dial-up connection on your credit card terminal and experience communication errors, you may want to explore utilizing an Ethernet connection to eliminate these errors.

Be on the alert for other suspicious or fraudulent transactions. Contact customer service to discuss any of the following:
• Multiple purchases by the same customer
• A request to wire money or to ship merchandise out of the country
• Multiple credit cards from the same customer
• AVS (Address Verification) or V-Code (Security Code) does not match

You must complete an annual PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire to verify if your business is PCI compliant. To begin the questionnaire, visit