Dear retailer…

The footage for this video was filmed early this year. We wanted to tell about all the good things happening at Michigan Retailers Association. And then the pandemic hit. So we changed course, to show YOU how we’re here to support you.
We know you’re hurting. This unprecedented time and what’s ahead are hurting your business. We want you to know that we’re here for you. 

We will answer questions, We’ll try to guide you and we’ll give you all the materials and information you need.

Have a business- or law-related question? Ask us first! Our team is dedicated to assist. Send your questions to

Join our Facebook group: Michigan Retailers Strategizing Together. Share your ideas and ask other business owners and retail advocates how they’re managing their business as we battle this pandemic.

Our COVID-19 resources post will keep you informed. The post is constantly being updated with valuable information and links to state and federal forms and other important information.

We’ll get through this together.