Free COVID-19 signage for your store

Here are suggested signs for your store. If you like them, download them for free, courtesy of Michigan Retailers Association.

In addition, there are other sources for signage:

For the signs below, simply click on the link below each sign that you want to download. A large image of the poster will come up, which you can print out and use in your store. They are 8.5” x 11” and print just fine in black and white if you don’t have a color printer.


Maximum occupancy (applies to stores outside of Regions 6 and 8 as of May 26)


Be kind


Constant cleaning


One-way aisles



Touch what you buy poster for general retailer


Social distancing poster


Good deed poster


Face mask poster


Stay safe poster


Clean hands poster


Cleanliness poster


Merchandise poster

Please note: The above sign is not official guidance from MRA, but we’ve heard many stores say they’ll quarantine clothes and returned items. Feel free to use if it applies to your situation.

Touch what you buy poster for grocer