Michigan Retailer magazine: Small grocers during COVID, sidewalk sales

The June/July issue of Michigan Retailer magazine is out!

Retailers are looking for ways to sell outdoors as a way to make customers feel more safe during the pandemic. The cover story provides great tips to hold a successful sidewalk sale.

Small grocers talk about the spike in sales they’ve seen during COVID, as they attracted more business while restaurants were shut down.

In addition:

  • MRA President ad CEO Bill Hallan writes about the conundrum of enforcing face masks with customers.
  • VP of Government Affairs Amy Drumm gives an overview of MRA’s actions during the shutdown.
  • General Counsel Tom Clement talks about best ways to bring employees back to work, including tips on how to use the workshare program.
  • There are lots of tips on how to prevent credit card fraud, including a column by MRA credit card expert John Mayleben encouraging retailers to train their staffs to be skeptical about unusual phone orders.
  • A column by a commercial real estate developer helps you figure out how to negotiate with your landlord for a rent deferral or reduction.

Check out the issue, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to write Editor Meegan Holland at mholland@retailers.com.