New labor law posters coming soon


Thanks to updates to Michigan’s minimum wage and new paid leave benefits that take effect on March 29, employers must update their labor law posters. In addition to the changes in employee benefits, the state has updated its minimum wage poster and added a new paid medical leave poster. These posters are required by law to be posted somewhere visible to all employees (typically located in the break room, back room or near employee bathrooms).

MRA members receive free labor law posters as a member benefit and updated posters are in progress. However, we are waiting to see if the courts will weigh in on the laws that may result in any changes.

Meanwhile, MRA members can print off the PDF posters provided by the state to stay in compliance.

As for changes in employee benefits, employers should note that the laws passed by the Legislature in December are presumed to be constitutional and employers should assume the changes will take effect as planned.

That said, because the legislature has asked the Michigan Supreme Court to review its action, it would be wise to wait to implement any changes to employee payroll or benefits until March 29 and keep an eye out for updates.