Make the switch.

Credit card processing made simple

With social distancing now being a big part of our everyday lives, we want to make sure you stay safe, transaction after transaction. We know credit card processing is a big part of growing your business, so make the switch to a safer option – contactless credit card processing.

There are no setup fees and you’ll experience no downtime.

Here are some of the most common questions we get about making the switch and what to expect:

  • Accounts are typically setup within 48 hours from submission of completed application.
  • Additional time may be required if a third party is involved (i.e. payment gateway or POS solution).


  • Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay

  • We offer hundreds of compatibility options. Most likely, your current system is compatible.


  • Whenever possible, we try to use existing hardware/software.
  • Countertop terminals typically need to be replaced, due to the EMV encryptions unique to each processor.
  • For POS systems and gateways, we check against our list of compatible solutions and use whenever possible.

  • The cost is impacted by the merchant’s type of business, how cards are processed (face-to-face v. manual entry/web), and whether the card is personal v. business/corporate.
  • Pricing is based on these factors, as well as average transaction and volume.
  • There is no cookie-cutter or ‘one size fits all’ structure. We personalize our service to fit your setup.
    Flat Rate Pricing

  • There are no application or setup fees.
  • Sometimes a switch involves a hardware or software purchase. We offer short-term payment plans for many customers.
  • You may have n early termination fee from your current processor; we suggest your verify your contract.

  • You’ll need to contact your current processor to inform them of the coming switch.
  • Request a closure form and return it via fax/email. It’s best to email your cancellation, because then you’ll have a paper trail.

  • Continue to process transactions as usual until the new account is ready, and MRA’s rep arrives to install your new system.

  • The same MRA representative who handled the application process will also handle the installation/training. We believe in building relationships.
  • With existing POS software/gateway, we provide the set-up credentials to the new merchant. That information is then sent to the software vendor to update on the backend.
    Training and Customer Service

  • We ensure that 24/7 support is available. MRA’s own Lansing-based customer service staff provides support during normal business hours, with after-hour/rollover support for all merchants.
  • We do not replace any technical support offered by current 3rd party software/gateway providers.
    Michigan Retailers Association Customer Service

Stay safe and make the switch to a better credit card processor.