Workers’ compensation coverage

Retailers Insurance Company

MRA’s Retailers Insurance Company provides quality workers’ compensation coverage to a broad range of Michigan businesses, including agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, finance, health care, non-profit and many more sectors.

For more than 30 years, Retailers Insurance has proven to be a financially sound company. Its Financial Stability Rating from Demotech is “A’ Unsurpassed.” Demotech is a financial analysis firm that specializes in evaluating the financial stability of regional/specialty insurers.

Protection like no other
• Our standard employers’ liability limit is $2 million – much higher than the standard $500,000.
• EFT Guard, standard with every workers’ compensation policy. It provides $100,000 protection if your business bank account is hacked plus $2,500 of cyber extortion protection if your computer system is held at ransom.
• Automatic terrorism coverage.
• Automatic membership in Michigan Retailers Association, with full access to its valuable business services.

Get the best pricing
We reward your business if you have the following programs in place:
• Employee-sponsored health insurance program
• Pre-employment medical exams
• Drug screening program
• Video surveillance system
• Light duty return-to-work program
• Active safety program
• Employee assistance program
• Exceptional business practices

No hidden fees!
Several payment programs are available, based on the premium size. Regardless of the program, we do not charge service fees – even if you choose to pay your premium over the course of a year.

As a policy holder, you also enjoy another major advantage: automatic membership in Michigan Retailers Association, with full access to all of our valuable business services.

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Michigan Grocers Fund

Members of Michigan Grocers, a division of Michigan Retailers, have two options for workers’ compensation insurance through their membership: The above-mentioned Retailers Insurance Company and The Michigan Grocers Fund.

The Michigan Grocers Fund is a dividend-paying group self-insurance fund that was organized in 2014. It has a strong track record. Get more information about the fund at