Affordable, simple credit card processing

Whether you’ve been in business for years or are just starting out, we have the merchant processing solution that’s just right for you.

We understand you want simplicity and you need to save money when it comes to credit card processing. MRA saves members an average of 33 percent on credit card processing fees using an easy-to-understand approach. We service all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) and offer a variety of deposit options.

No Long-term Contracts     |    Personal Customer Service     |    Free Data Breach Protection     |    No PCI Compliance Fees*     |    Free Terminal Receipt Paper     |    No Chargeback Fees*     |    No Monthly Minimums     |    Tenured Account Reps    *Does not apply to Clover

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Countertop Terminals

Countertop, Wireless, and Android Terminals are a simple and cost-effective way to accept payments.

Countertop: Ethernet/Wifi, Chip/Tap/Swipe, Receipt Printer, Optional PIN pad

Wireless: Wifi/GPRS/Battery, Chip/Tap/Swipe, Receipt Printer, Optional PIN pad

Android: Surcharge/Dual Pricing, Wifi/4G/Battery, Chip/Tap/Swipe, Receipt Printer, Optional PIN pad


Take payments on the go! Update inventory, access reports, send invoices, all from the road.

Retailers Mobile: Bluetooth/Lighting/USB-C, Payment Links/QR Codes, Surcharge/Cash Discounts, Real Time Reporting, Available Upgrades

Ovation Mobile: Bluetooth, Inventory & Discounts, Tipping, Real Time Reporting, Available Upgrades

Valor Mobile: Bluetooth, e-Invoice/Pay Now/QR Codes, Scan to Pay, Tipping, PIN Debit/EBT, Surcharge/Dual Pricing

Clover Go: Bluetooth, Inventory, Employee Management, Tap to Pay (iPhone), Tipping, Surcharge

Virtual Terminals

Securely process credit card transactions on any internet collected device.

Explore options such as invoicing, utilizing website payment buttons, or in-person transactions, we offer an all-in-one solution. Dive into the Retailers Gateway, Valor Paytech and TransIT options.

POS Systems

Manage inventory, employees, promotions, and reporting with one robust solution.

Ovation POS, Clover POS, and more options area available to streamline your business.

e-Commerce & Integrations

Integrate with countless e-commerce, software, and POS solutions to choose what works best with your business.

Surcharge & Dual Pricing

Surcharging members save an average of 75% on processing fees. 

We offer a variety of surcharge and dual pricing solutions to benefit your bottom line.

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