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Whether you’re running a retail shop, service, or restaurant,

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You’ll save an average of 33% when you process payments with Michigan Retailers Association.

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Endless Possibilities for Your Business


Easily and quickly ring up sales, take and manage your customer orders, provide discounts, add taxes and tips, and much more.

Self Service Kiosk

With the self service kiosk, customers can place their own orders and pay by themselves. A great way to increase profits.


Process payments in cash, EMV credit and debit, Apply Pay, Samsung Pay, EBT, split payments, and on a website.


Easily add, manage, and track products and ingredients, so you know exactly what you have in stock and when to replenish.


Create a customer database, tracking their personal data and order history. Personalize their service to build repeat customers.

Loyalty and Rewards

Better retain your customers with the loyalty and rewards program. Set up your own loyalty rules and have customers redeem points.


Increase security by assigning roles and restricting permissions for your staff. Have them clock in and out for tracking their hours.


Make more informal business decisions with extensive reporting on everything from sales data to inventory and taxes.


Use Retail Time POS on multiple device types, including Windows PC, Android 4.4+, and All-in-One system hardware.

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Put this cutting-edge point-of-sale system to work for your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Retail Time POS links your customer service, inventory, accounting, and other departments, regardless of location, to one platform, centralizing your administrative tasks. Retail Time POS also helps to improve your customer experience with customer loyalty and promotional programming. You can reduce waste and prevent theft with ordering alerts and inventory reconciliation.

Retail Time POS offers a variety of affordable and compatible hardware that works best for your business, including EMV/chip card readers and hand-held units.

  • Retail
  • Hair Salons and Day Spas
  • Automotive Service and Repair
  • Contractors (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, etc.)
  • Veterinary or Pet Groomers
  • Restaurants or Bars
  • Convenience Stores
  • Equipment Rental

Retail Time POS can be used in one location or many. The software is easy to set up and we offer different and quick training options that enable you to start customizing Retail Time POS the way you need it to be.