Congrats to our Friends of Retail elected to serve in 2023!

Our Friends of Retail were largely successful with 60 of our 71 general-election candidates winning their elections to serve in the state house or state senate. There will be a lot of brand-new faces around the Capitol in January; 55 to be exact (51 in the House, 4 in the Senate). When counting those returning vs. those new to the chamber, there’s 48% turnover in the House and 42% turnover in the Senate. Expect those turnover numbers to be lower in the future thanks to the approval of Proposition 1 allowing lawmakers to now serve a combination of up to 12 total years in either the House or Senate.



District 4                 Karen Whitsett (Democrat)

District 10              Joe Tate (Democrat)

District 19              Samantha Steckloff (Democrat)

District 30              William Bruck (Republican)

District 34              Dale Zorn (Republican)

District 35              Andrew Fink (Republican)

District 37              Brad Paquette (Republican)

District 39              Pauline Wendzel (Republican)

District 42              Matt Hall (Republican)

District 45              Sarah Lightner (Republican)

District 46              Kathy Schmaltz (Republican)

District 49              Ann Bollin (Republican)

District 50              Bob Bezotte Jr. (Republican)

District 55              Mark Tisdel (Republican)

District 57              Thomas E. Kuhn (Republican)

District 58              Nate Shannon (Democrat)

District 60              Joseph Aragona (Republican)

District 63              Jay DeBoyer (Republican)

District 64              Andrew Beeler (Republican)

District 67              Phil Green (Republican)

District 68              David Martin (Republican)

District 72              Mike Mueller (Republican)

District 76              Angela Witwer (Democrat)

District 85              Bradley Slagh (Republican)

District 88              Greg VanWoerkom (Republican)

District 89              Luke Meerman (Republican)

District 90              Bryan Posthumus (Republican)

District 91              Pat Outman (Republican)

District 93              Graham Filler (Republican)

District 95              Bill G. Schuette (Republican)

District 96              Timothy Beson (Republican)

District 97               Paul Whitney (Democrat)

District 99              Mike Hoadley (Republican)

District 100            Tom Kunse (Republican)

District 102            Curt VanderWall (Republican)

District 104            John Roth (Republican)

District 105            Ken Borton (Republican)

District 108            Dave Prestin (Republican)

District 110            Greg Markkanen (Republican)



District 1                Erika Geiss (Democrat)

District 7                Jeremy Moss (Democrat)

District 9                Michael Webber (Republican)

District 12              Kevin Hertel (Democrat)

District 16              Joseph Bellino Jr. (Republican)

District 18              Thomas Albert (Republican)

District 20              Aric Nesbitt (Republican)

District 21              Sarah Anthony (Democrat)

District 22              Lana Theis (Republican)

District 23              Jim Runestad (Republican)

District 24              Ruth Johnson (Republican)

District 25              Dan Lauwers (Republican)

District 26              Kevin Daley (Republican)

District 30              Mark Huizenga (Republican)

District 31              Roger Victory (Republican)

District 32              Jon Bumstead (Republican)

District 33              Rick Outman (Republican)

District 34              Roger Hauck (Republican)

District 36              Michele Hoitenga (Republican)

District 37              John Damoose (Republican)

District 38              Ed McBroom (Republican)