Month: February 2015

Governmental Affairs: February 27, 2015

Retail fraud bills to be reintroduced

2014 legislation that would allow for the recovery of law enforcement costs related to retail fraud cases will be reintroduced this term. Last year’s Senate bill never made it out of a House committee due to confusion that the bill would add new penalties for retail fraud.

Michigan retailers expect sales growth this year

LANSING – Seventy-nine percent of Michigan retail businesses expect to grow their sales this year, with the increases averaging 2.4 percent, according to the Michigan Retail Index, a joint project of Michigan Retailers Association (MRA) and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Governmental Affairs: February 13, 2015

Democrats make paid sick leave a priority

House and Senate democrats have introduced paid sick leave legislation and made it a priority issue for their caucuses. The legislation, HB 4167 and SB 101,