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Graduation Day

Twelve students receiving Michigan Retailers Foundation scholarships for 2022-23 academic year

Michigan Retailers Association is awarding 12 college students with scholarships totaling $42,000 for the 2022-23 academic year. The awards are funded by the Michigan Retailers Foundation, the mission of which has always been to support the educational advancement of retail employees.


Thomas Clement MRA General Counsel

Legally Speaking: Protecting consumers and maintaining your customer base

By TOM CLEMENT, MRA General Counsel

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. The sun emerges, warm weather activities are on the horizon and the feeling of a fresh start generates a positive and optimistic attitude.

Amy Drumm, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for Michigan Retailers Association

News From The Capitol: Lighter version of normal

By AMY DRUMM, MRA Vice President, Government Affairs

We are weeks away from the first 100 days since the start of the new legislative session. While the general public hears a lot about politics during an election season,

MRA President and CEO Bill Hallan

CEO Bill Hallan: Accepting a world full of risks

We live in a world of risk, yet for the past 12 months, the entire world has collectively locked down in an attempt to reduce the chance of contracting COVID.