Change your passwords like clockwork

We all went through the semi-annual ritual of changing our clocks recently, “springing forward” one hour for daylight savings time.

Fire departments have latched onto this twice-a-year event to remind us to check or change the batteries in our smoke detectors,

Gov’t Affairs News – tax appeal changes, paid sick leave, 9-1-1 phone systems and more

Legislature breaks for summer

Following a few hectic weeks, the Michigan Legislature has completed the budget and crafted an emergency funding solution for Detroit Public Schools. Legislators are now back in their districts until September.

Retailers’ sales and forecasts remain positive

LANSING – Michigan retailers’ sales and forecasts remained positive in March while slipping only slightly from the previous month, according to the latest Michigan Retail Index survey, a joint project of Michigan Retailers Association (MRA) and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Michigan Retailers names business representative for Central/Southwest Michigan

LANSING – Brian Scott, a mid-Michigan resident with solid experience in sales and client service, has joined Michigan Retailers Association (MRA) as its business development representative in Central and Southwest Michigan.

Gov’t Affairs News – tax appeal changes, plastic bags and more

Committee discusses Tax Tribunal changes

The House Tax Policy Committee held two weeks of hearings on legislation that HB 5578 could have a big impact on commercial property taxes and tax appeals.

Gov’t Affairs News – property taxes, plastic bags, 9-1-1 regulations, and more

Tax Tribunal changes could have big impact

Legislation introduced on April 19 as HB 5578 could have a big impact on commercial property taxes and tax appeals. Authored by the “Dark Stores” workgroup leader and vice-chairman of the House Tax Policy Committee,

In the blink of an eye, thieves can steal your customers’ data

Recent news reports and the accompanying CCTV video show how quick and easy it is for thieves to install a skimming device – built into a skin that snaps over your credit card terminal – and steal your customers’ data.

Year of BIG change in credit card processing

2015 is the year of big change in the credit card processing world…

Bigger than the introduction of the magnetic stripe on cards way back in the late 1970s and early 80s…

Bigger even than Y2K and the need to upgrade terminals because cards were issued with year 2000 expiration dates.

A card ‘by any other name’ would still run as Discover

Apologies to William Shakespeare for that headline. But it makes a dramatic point that can have your business coming up roses.

In case you aren’t aware, as a merchant who is able to accept Discover card transactions (all of our merchants are set up to accept Discover cards),