Michigan retailers report sluggish October sales as economy slows

LANSING, Mich. – A slowing economy and other factors has prompted Michigan retailers to report sluggish sales in October compared to 2018.

Retailers also indicate that they expect a slightly slower holiday season than a year ago,

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“Rain tax”, telepharmacy, and cage-free egg standards

In this issue:

  • House discusses stormwater fix via “rain tax”
  • Telepharmacy bill amended, reported by House committee
  • Bill would delay the cage-free egg standard until 2024
  • Regulatory round-up

House discusses stormwater fix via “rain tax”

In an effort to repair and improve systems that are designed to stop flooding basements,

HGTV star Cari Cucksey and her husband make Holly downtown a destination


HOLLY, MICHIGAN – It’s not uncommon for people to come to Holly in search of Cari Cucksey, the star of the HGTV show “Cash &

MRA members save on residential surcharges for the holiday 2019 season

Both FedEx and UPS have announced that they will not apply peak season surcharges on residential deliveries this holiday season, giving e-commerce retailers much to celebrate. However, as in the past,

MRA puts out legislative fires

By AMY DRUMM, MRA Vice President, Government Affairs

On the heels of attending a conference of state retail associations in Montana, I was able to spend some time in Glacier National Park and learned about the many forest fires that happen each year in our national parks.

Want a peek into the future of payment processing?


Looking out on the payments landscape and working on projects with various members of the Michigan Retailers Association has created a peek into the future of payments.

Experts offer tips on how to avoid disability in workplace complaints


Nearly 30 years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, an increasing number of employers are finding themselves on the wrong side of this federal law.

September sales slow; GM strike a question mark

LANSING, Mich. – Retail sales slowed in September coming off a strong month of sales in August.

The September Retail Index survey came in at 42.7, a decrease from September 2018’s 53.9,

Flavored vape ban on hold, surprise medical billing discussion starts

Doctor challenges billing

In this issue:

  • Court puts flavored vape ban on hold
  • House unanimously reports marketplace bills
  • Discussion to end surprise medical billing starts
  • House passes updates to accessibility signs
  • Pure Michigan vows to continue

Court puts flavored vape ban on hold

On Oct.