Staging Photos for Social Media

By: Andrea Bitely, Vice President, Communications and Marketing

Driving new customers to your business is one of the most challenging parts of being in business. Using social media is one important way to entice people into becoming a new or returning customer.

However, social media is highly visual. Photos of your products will catch the eye of potential customers. Making an investment in high-quality professional photos for your core items makes sense because those photos will be used for years to come.

But getting professional photos of each and every product can be expensive and time consuming. How can you keep your social feed fresh on your own? Snap photos yourself.

Sound daunting? Try these five tips to make the process a little easier.

  1. Clean your lens. If you are taking photos with your smartphone, use a soft cloth to gently wipe any debris or oils from the lens. If your lens is damaged in any way, consider borrowing a phone or camera.
  2. Try a tripod. While your hands might seem steady, adding an inexpensive tripod to your photo-taking plans will allow you to ensure stable photos.
  3. Take more photos than you need. While you’re taking photos, the more the merrier. Try different angles and lighting, add other products alongside the central product.
  4. Lighting. Natural daylight is the best for most products, but if you are debuting a new product in Michigan in the months of December, January, February or even early March, opt for artificial light. Use a desk lamp with an adjustable neck, or even try aiming a flashlight with a wide beam at different angles to highlight your products in its best light.
  5. Avoid zooming. While it may seem contrary to taking close up shots of your product, a heavy zoom on a product reduces quality. Instead, bring your camera closer.

Need ideas for how to improve your photos? Drop me a line: