The Importance of Responding to the Retail Index

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Each and every month, MRA sends an email to our members to ask a simple question: How were your sales last month? 

While you might think this is just another email clogging up the precious space in your inbox, the information we’re looking for is incredibly important for us to measure the retail climate in Michigan. 

The sales numbers you and other members submit go directly into MRA’s marketing and communications efforts, frequently being the topic of news articles and radio interviews across the state of Michigan. 

The information we gather is also reviewed by the U.S. Federal Reserve in Chicago’s Detroit branch. The numbers help inform our economy and connect how shopping locally changes nearby economies. 

We also include questions that connect with pending legislation and trending news stories – information that helps MRA better understand the challenges our members face. Part of the survey includes the option to tell us what you are seeing in your business everyday, whether you are having supply chain challenges or if you are seeing a record number of customers enter your store. 

After you fill out the survey, MRA shares the data with the media and legislators. The survey has been featured in print, on the radio, and on television, including in major outlets like The Detroit News, WJR, and WWMT. 

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