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Gov’t Affairs News: Welcome back, fall session begins

Welcome back!

Legislators returned from summer break this week and session will continue into mid-late December. The legislature will take its normal 2-week hunting break over the Thanksgiving holiday. All indications point to the fall session being fairly light.

Gov’t Affairs News: summer break, budgets, and more

Legislature leaves for summer break

This week the legislature adjourned for its annual summer recess. Well, mostly. Each chamber designates one session day in July and August in order to take up any urgent business that may arise during the break.

Gov’t Affairs News: Concealed carry, “Tobacco 21,” and more

Concealed carry without permit

The House narrowly approved legislation on Wednesday that would allow anyone, with or without a permit or training, to carry a concealed weapon. The legislation, HB 4416

Gov’t Affairs News: swipe fee victory, alcohol reforms and more

Swipe fee victory in Congress

Earlier this week we learned that leaders in Congress removed language that would have repealed debit swipe fee reform (often referred to as the Durbin Amendment) from a bill that makes broad reforms to the Dodd-Frank banking laws.

Gov’t Affairs News: Supreme Court changes, budgets and more

Michigan Supreme Court changes

The past two months have seen a number of changes to the makeup of the Michigan Supreme Court. Gov. Rick Snyder on Wednesday named Court of Appeals Judge Kurtis Wilder to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Gov’t Affairs News: snack restrictions, liquor license rules, and opioids

Sugar-sweetened beverage and snack waiver defeated

As the legislature moves closer to finalizing the budget, language added to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) budget attracted some concern from retailers but has since been removed.

Gov’t Affairs News: potential tax increases, pre-Labor Day school start and more

Legislation to discourage property tax appeals reintroduced

Legislation creating an unfair property tax appeals system that would increase the cost and length of the appeals process was reintroduced on March 22.

Gov’t Affairs News: gas station skimmers, drone task force and more

Gas station credit card skimmer legislation reintroduced

Legislation to require certain security measures to combat credit card skimmers on motor fuel pumps was introduced as SB 228 on March 9.

Gov’t Affairs News: Paid sick leave, Medicaid and more

Democrats renew push for paid sick leave

At a press conference on Wednesday, legislators called for Michigan to adopt earned paid sick leave regulations. The legislation, introduced yesterday as HB 4307 and SB 212,

Gov’t Affairs News: income tax repeal, budget, appointments and more

House committee quickly reports income tax repeal

After only one committee hearing, the House Tax Policy Committee reported HB 4001 – a bill to repeal the state’s income tax over 40 years.