What to do when your credit card processor goes down

We know it’s a panicky moment when your credit card processing goes down. You’re wondering: Is it an internet problem, or my processing device?

We understand the confusion that can result from such events. Our Internet provider experienced a rare outage in August, which interrupted credit card processing for some of our members.

Our phone lines were immediately overwhelmed with calls. We quickly placed an alert of the outage on our Facebook and Twitter accounts to let our clients know that the outage was being addressed.

But what if you don’t follow us on social media?

We also email alerts in such instances – but first we need your email! We understand why people are reluctant to provide email but we encourage you to do so. It gives us one more tool to reach you when there’s that rare problem.

You can provide your email by calling 800.563.5981 or contacting customerservice@retailers.com with the subject: EMAIL. Please include your merchant name and ID number within the body of the email.

We will quickly update our records for future notification, and we promise not to sell your information to a third party. We will use your email for informational purposes only.

In the event of another outage, don’t get stuck on hold during a frustrating time. We suggest checking these three communications channels:

• Like our Facebook page

• Follow our Twitter account

• Check your email if you’ve provided it to us.

We’ll get the word out to you as quickly as we can!