Benefits for Non-Retailers

Not a retailer? Not a problem.

Dentist? Veterinarian? Chiropractor? Restaurant? Bar? Hotel? Construction?

MRA has benefits for everyone.

Medical and Dental Offices:

MRA has a key partnership with PracticeBridge, a software that allows you to skip the dual entry and manage your billing and payments in one easy to use program. Contact or your MRA representative today to find out how to take advantage of this program.

Food Service or Hospitality: 

MRA is one of the most cost-effective credit card processing options on the market, and with our  ability to provide surcharging and gift cards, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about surcharging and gift cards today.

Construction and Trades:

Safety comes first on a job site, and MRA affiliate, Retailers Insurance Company, offers best-in-class workers’ compensation for electricians, plumbers, and HVAC companies. Learn more by contacting your insurance agent or the RIC website to find out more.