Alert: Receiving Unsolicited Calls, Emails, or Letters

Phishing pull quote

MRA member shares their personal experience.

Unsolicited calls or other various phishing attempts are on the rise. Unfortunately, your merchant processing account is not immune to these attempts to access your personal information or gain your business. We’ve received reports that our merchants are being contacted from “merchant services” requesting confidential business data.

Please note, we will never call your business to request sensitive information such as:

  • Merchant account details
  • Processing statements
  • Processing volume

Addressing Unsolicited Requests for iCT220 Terminals

We’ve received reports of an unsolicited request circulating regarding the  iCT220 terminal. If you have questions about your existing terminal, please contact our customer service department at or 800.563.5981, option 2.

Protect Your Business Data

If you receive an unsolicited call, email, or letter claiming to be from “merchant services” and requesting confidential business data, do not provide any information. Be extremely cautious of any unsolicited requests for sensitive business information, even if the caller claims to be affiliated with our company. We make it a top priority to protect our merchants. If you are unsure of a call or email you receive, please contact customer service at or 800.563.5981, option 2 and we will be happy to assist.