MRA designates 81 candidates as Friends of Retail

LANSING, MI – Michigan Retailers Association (MRA) is proud to announce that 81 legislative candidates running for the Michigan House of Representatives have been designated as Friends of Retail for the 2024 August 6 primary election. These candidates, who will appear on the upcoming August 6 primary ballot, have earned MRA’s “Friend of Retail” designation and have earned the Association members’ support for their commitment to the retail sector.

“The retail industry is navigating numerous challenges, making it crucial to have legislators who are committed to collaborating with us to foster an environment where retail can flourish,” stated William J. Hallan, President and CEO of Michigan Retailers Association. “Retail jobs are good jobs—they provide valuable first job experiences, foster career growth, and are foundational to our local economies. Supporting candidates who advocate for the retail industry is crucial to ensuring these businesses can continue to thrive and serve our communities effectively.”

The endorsements were determined by MRA’s Legislative Committee, based on an extensive review of voting records and candidate questionnaires. Incumbent legislators who received the Friend of Retail designation have supported the retail industry through their votes and sponsorship on key legislation. Meanwhile, candidates demonstrated their understanding of retail’s critical role in Michigan’s economy through their responses to essential policy questions.

“We appreciate the effort and dedication shown by these lawmakers and candidates in taking the time to understand the complexities and needs of the retail industry,” said Amy Drumm, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs. “Their willingness to engage with and support retail is invaluable. We encourage MRA members to give their vote to candidates who’ve earned the Association’s “Friend of Retail” designation in both the 2024 primary and general elections.”

District 1         Tyrone Carter (D-Detroit)

District 2         Tullio Liberati (D-Allen Park)

District 3         Alabas Farhat (D-Dearborn)

District 7         Ernest T. Little (D-Detroit)

District 9         Joe Tate (D-Detroit)

District 14       Mike McFall (D-Hazel Park)

District 18       Jason Hoskins (D-Southfield)

District 22       Adam Stathakis (R-Livonia)

District 27       Cody Dill (R-Gibraltar)

District 28       Jamie Thompson (R-Brownstown)

District 30       William Bruck (R-Erie)

District 31       Dale Biniecki (R-Monroe)

District 32       Jimmie Wilson Jr. (D-Ypsilanti)

District 34       Nancy Jenkins-Arno (R-Clayton)

District 35       Jennifer Wortz (R-Quincy)

District 37       Brad Paquette (R-Niles)

District 38       George Lucas (R-Harbert)

District 39       Pauline Wendzel (R-Watervliet)

District 42       Matt Hall (R-Kalamazoo)

District 43       Rachelle Smit (R-Shelbyville)

District 44       Steve Frisbie (R-Battle Creek)

District 44       Alexander Harris (R-Albion)

District 45       Sarah Lightner (R-Springport)

District 46       Kathy Schmaltz (R-Jackson)

District 48       Brian Ignatowski (R-Pinckney)

District 49       Ann Bollin (R-Brighton)

District 50       Bob Bezotte Jr. (R-Marion Twp.)

District 50       Kristina Lyke (R-Fowlerville)

District 50       Dominic Restuccia (R-Howell)

District 50       Jason Woolford (R-Howell)

District 52       Mike Harris (R-Clarkston)

District 54       Donni Steele (R-Orion)

District 55       Mark Tisdel (R-Rochester Hills)

District 57       Thomas Kuhn (R-Troy)

District 58       Ron Robinson (R-Utica)

District 59       Doug Wozniak (R-Shelby Twp.)

District 60       Joseph Aragona (R-Clinton Twp.)

District 61       Russ Cleary (R-Sterling Heights)

District 62       Alicia St. Germaine (R-Harrison


District 63       Jay DeBoyer (R-Clay)

District 64       Jorja Baldwin (R-Port Huron)

District 64       Gary Eisen (R-St. Clair Twp.)

District 67       Phil Green (R-Millington)

District 68       David Martin (R-Davison)

District 71       Brian BeGole (R-Perry)

District 72       Mike Mueller (R-Linden)

District 73       Joshua J. Rockey (R-Webberville)

District 74       Tom Izzo (R-Lansing)

District 76       Angela Witwer (D-Delta Twp.)

District 78       Gina Johnsen (R-Lake Odessa)

District 79       Angela Rigas (R-Caledonia)

District 80       Philip Skaggs (D-East Grand


District 81       Jordan Youngquist (R-Grand


District 83       Tommy Brann (R-Wyoming)

District 83       John Fitzgerald (D-Wyoming)

District 84       Carol Glanville (D-Walker)

District 85       Bradley Slagh (R-Zeeland)

District 86       Nancy DeBoer (R-Holland)

District 87       Will Snyder (D-Muskegon)

District 88       Greg VanWoerkom (R-Norton


District 89       Luke Meerman (R-Coopersville)

District 90       Bryan Posthumus (R-Cannon Twp.)

District 91       Pat Outman (R-Six Lakes)

District 92       Jerry Neyer (R-Shepherd)

District 93       Tim Kelly (R-Saginaw)

District 95       Bill G. Schuette (R-Midland)

District 96       Timothy Beson (R-Bay City)

District 97       Matthew Bierlein (R-Vassar)

District 98       Gregory Alexander (R-Carsonville)

District 99       Mike Hoadley (R-Au Gres)

District 100     Tom Kunse (R-Clare)

District 102     Curt VanderWall (R-Ludington)

District 103     Lisa Trombley (R-Traverse City)

District 104     John Roth (R-Traverse City)

District 105     Ken Borton (R-Gaylord)

District 106     Cam Cavitt (R-Cheboygan)

District 107     Parker Fairbairn (R-Harbor Springs)

District 108     David Prestin (R-Cedar River)

District 109     Karl Bohnak (R-Negaunee)

District 109     Burt Mason (R-L’Anse)

District 110     Gregory Markkanen (R-Hancock)

To see the statewide legislative districts for each candidate visit the maps drawn by the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Candidates who’ve earned the 2024 Friend of Retail designation may use the Friend of Retail badge included in this post on campaign materials.