Payment Processing

Payment card liability shift leads to Three Card Monty

The widespread distribution of EMV/Chip payment cards and the October 1 shift of liability away from those with the latest technology have sure produced a lot of chatter.

Although much of the discussion has made for better understanding of the payments industry and security issues,

Small MasterCard change could create big upset

“2015: Year of Change” keeps living up to its billing.

Amongst all the chatter and conversation about EMV, Chip cards, NFC and ApplePay, along comes MasterCard with an announcement that could create even more serious churn in the credit card authorization world.

Are you ready for new world of Apple Pay?

Apple’s much-anticipated announcements of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and the Apple Watch rekindled enthusiasm for the company’s game-changing technology – or at least its marketing. Much of the public attention was focused on the long-rumored and soon-to-be-here wristband device.

Put your processing data to work for you

Until recently, the fees associated with your merchant processing account were a cost of doing business.

Most retail businesses in the U.S. today view the fees charged by their merchant processor as a “necessary evil” as more consumers migrate their transactions from cash and check to various cards– rewards,

More lessons from latest data breaches

I mentioned in a previous blog that all of us can learn from the massive retail data breaches that were announced during the holidays, and we should be using the knowledge as a tool to strengthen protection of our own data.

Lessons to learn from latest data breaches

As almost everyone has heard, a number of large retailers suffered massive data breaches over the Christmas season. While all of the details around these attacks have not been made public,

How to handle merchandise returns

Our biggest problems with customers involve merchandise returns and refunds. We have a fairly strict return policy, and some customers tell us we can’t be so restrictive. We have always maintained that we are free to set our own policies.