Retail Law

Protect Yourself From Fraudulent Check Washing

Tom Clement

By: Thomas Clement, MRA General Counsel and Vice President of Operations

Check washing is a criminal activity involving the chemical removal of ink from legitimately-issued financial instruments and re-drafting those instruments for a fraudulent purpose.

Legally Speaking: Aggravation Of a Pre-Existing Condition and Workers’ Compensation

Tom Clement

Pre-existing conditions are often a natural part of the human experience, especially as people age. In the employment context, the question often becomes whether workers’ compensation benefits must be paid where a prior condition is aggravated.

Legally Speaking: Avoiding Regrettable Hiring Decisions

Tom Clement

With workforce participation lagging well below available job openings and a working environment that is more skill-set specific, hiring in today’s market can be a tall order. This pressure on the job market is only heightened during the busy holiday season.