The Power of Connecting

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Join us June 9 for Retail’s Night Out

How long has it been since you’ve been able to connect with fellow retailers, share insights, hear from experts, and network? Probably too long – which is why MRA is excited to be hosting our June 9 Retail’s Night Out event.

Workers’ Comp. Coverage for Independent Contractors

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Appropriate insurance coverage and the associated premium are calculated risks for both consumer and insurer. Life insurance is the best example. As a consumer, we try to determine what our family will need without knowing the critical variables of when the proceeds will be needed and what our financial condition will be at the time.

MRA reports February sales bounce-back from stagnant January

Feb Current

Retailers report a sales rebound after a slow start to 2022

Michigan Retailers Association today reports February 2022 sales rise over a slow January.

Monthly sales rise
The February Retail Index survey came in at 74.1,

MRA Announces New Grant Program for Local Communities and Downtowns

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Four grants of $7,500 each to be awarded to communities looking to promote downtown retail

Michigan Retailers Association (MRA) announced today it has created a new grant program to support local communities and the vibrant retail businesses that anchor those downtowns.

MRA reports January sales down from strong December

Jan Actual Sales

Retailers report a slightly slower start to 2022
than reported in 2021

Michigan Retailers Association today reports January 2022 sales fall from robust December 2021.

The January Retail Index survey came in at 58.3,

MRA More Than Doubles Scholarship Award Amount

Graduation Day

Association will now award 12 $3,500 scholarships for 2022-2023 school year

Michigan Retailers Association (MRA), the country’s largest state-retail association, announced today that it is increasing the monetary award of its annual scholarship program for the 2022-2023 academic year.