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Is it Social Media worthy?

Over the last few editions of the Michigan Retailer magazine, I’ve walked you through how to pick which platforms to utilize, how to stage photos, and find your voice on social media (and recommended you reach out to the MRA team for more tips and tricks!). 

Legally Speaking: Credit Card Competition Act of 2022

Tom Clement

Healthy competition is generally thought to be good for all involved, but not everyone agrees when it comes to recently introduced federal legislation. H.R. 8874, introduced in the United States House of Representatives on September 19,

Ways to Monitor Your Ecommerce Site for Credit Card Fraud

According to Michigan Retailer Association’s study of retail sales presented in its 2021 Buy Nearby Study, national ecommerce sales grew from 8.8 percent of total retail sales in 2017 to 10.7 percent in 2019,